Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1 - My First Tool

Hello all! Surviverman here with the start of my adventure in the lands of Wurm. I will begin my adventure not from the beginnings of Golden Valley, where I was taken through a series of tutorials, but at the portal that led me and took me to the Freedom Isles.

As I was whisked away to the Freedom server I thought about the adventure that lay ahead of me. My very first objective upon arriving at The Howl, the starter deed on Freedom, was to make my way to the home of my sponsors. There, I was instructed to deposit all my starter equipment in the mailbox. The starter shovel and rake would not fit, so I dropped them by the box. The only thing that remained in my inventory was my steel and flint. Though I am required to take it with me on my journey, I will attempt not to use it. This means the only way I am going to light a forge or oven is to create my own down the road. Hopefully I will be able to do that at some point.

The trip to my sponsor's deed (the other characters I play in Wurm) took my water down to 60%. Just as in real-life survival, food and water are almost immediate concerns. I decided to start foraging and botanizing grass tiles as I made my way to the edge of the Dragon Fang mountain. I was able to pick up some very critical first supplies by doing this. Most importantly, the sage and parsley I botanized allowed me to create a very important item: a healing cover! This would be useful should I encounter an animal that left me with a medium-level or higher injury.

Reaching the cliff, I climbed up a few tiles and began rummaging. I was looking for two very important items. Iron rock is a crude form of iron that I could use to fashion my first primitive tool. I did find 3 of them and eventually located the second item - a rock shard. Attempting to combine these items to create a crude knife took four attempts. Just as I completed my knife, my stamina gave out and I fell a few tiles to the grass below. Though I suffered a few bruises, nothing was broken! And now I had my first tool! I was very excited.

By this time I was growing quite thirsty and decided to head down to the coast for some much-needed water. I was pleased with my foraging and botanizing. I had obtained onion, garlic (very important), sage, parsley, nettles, a few blueberries, a strawberry, oregano, rosemary, lingonberry, basil, thyme, woad, belladonna, and some sassafras. Not a bad start at all! And I had a knife. Things were looking good!

Checking over my list of supplies, I noticed that I could make a shovel blade and a pickaxe head using the knife against the rock shard. A few attempts and I was able to add these important items to my inventory. I was especially concerned about the shovel. If I could make a shovel, I could get clay. If I could get clay, I could make a jar which would enable me to carry water away from the coastline and into the wilderness. That became my next goal.

The one item I needed was a branch. Foraging for one took a long time and just as I was about to concede that my first day would end without one, I foraged a single branch. Using my knife, I carefully carved on the birchwood branch trying to fashion a crude shaft that I could use for the shovel. Just as I was about to complete it, it broke in two! I had to search for yet another precious branch!

With darkness approaching, I decided it was best to find a place to rest for the night. Until I was able to create the shovel, I could not leave the coastline. I needed water constantly, and there was clay nearby. The lack of the shovel forced me to rest at the beach. My first day had come to and end.


Game Blaster 64 said...

This is awesome. It reminds me a lot of "Withershyn in Morrowind" :) The only thing it needs is some screenshots!

Surviverman said...

When I complete this journey I may go back and add some selected screenshots from those places most familiar to my readers. Thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoy the adventure.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you will read this since I don't see any new posts but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed the stories of Survivorman! I'm playing Wurm now and having a ball with it!