Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 10 - So Much to Do

I woke after just a few hours of sleep. I think I was just too excited to spend much time resting. I left Refugio and began foraging and botanizing as I made my way through the fog to the area where the peat was. During my botanizing I found a most excellent resource, a wemp seed. If I could plant it, I would have enough to make ropes, which were necessary to lead animals. I shoveled some tar and headed to get some clay. I wanted enough clay to make a forge. The clay cost me a shovel but it was well worth it. I collected a little more in case I lost some through failure attempts with the forge. I needed to fill my water supply before heading back to Refugio. As I squatted at the water's edge, something off to my left caught my eye. It was dark but I could see something against the night sky. Oh my, it was a young calf! Oh if I only had a rope! I didn't so I could not claim him for my own, but I could sacrifice him to my short sword for some skill and possibly some body parts and meat! I had not had meat in 10 days. I decided it was time for my first fight.

That little guy was quite a challenge for my unskilled hands and cheap sword. But after a long fight he dropped dead. He left me wounded with my health down to 65%, but my wounds were light and I knew they would heal fairly quickly. I used my crude knife to butcher him and obtained a single piece of meat, an eye, a foot, some animal fat, and a calf hide. The animal fat was deemed most important for with it I could make farmers salve, a great paste for bruises. All I had to do was mix it with garlic. I could also tan the hide by mixing water with some of my camp fire ashes I had been saving. The lye would turn the hide into leather. And I could not wait to cook the meat! I could make a real meal with it! I started to head back to Refugio and noticed my speed was considerably slower. It was because of my wounds. Nevertheless, I made my way back to Refugio excited and eager.

Upon my return I set about to make the forge. The foundation of it was successful on my third attempt. I had lots of rocks lying about the cave from which I could make the bricks. Attaching 10 bricks and 10 clay produced my working forge. I decided to position the forge directly in front of the down shaft to the iron. It would not prevent someone from getting by, but I thought perhaps it would create the illusion of a smaller cave with just a forge made for the purpose of collecting lead. This I hoped would help hide my iron source.

I started to work on a whole list of new items: a large anvil, some flasks, a frying pan, a clay shaper, a spatula, a small barrel, a bucket; many things I would need to complete my quest. As I mined iron ore to fill the forge so it could be smelted into lumps, a looming task was heavy on my mind. I needed a pelt for improving some of my blacksmithing items. In fact, some items would likely not be made without one. The only creatures I could hope to kill for one would be rats, which spawn largely in caves but can also be found near trash heaps, the spawn for rats. I would need to spend some time away from Refugio and that made me very nervous. I was not skilled enough to place a door on the mine. Therefore, I would have to make a large cart to secure my precious belongings against theft. As in real life, not everyone has noble intentions.

The large cart was fairly grueling to make. The yoke required almost a full log with each attempt and I probably failed about 20 times. When I reached the last wooden item to add to the cart, I had a decision to make. In Wurm, the wood type of an item is not determined until the last wooden item has been attached. That meant I could make the large cart out of pinewood but attach a cedarwood shaft for the final wood piece and the cart would be cedar. I wanted to make the cart out of something different than cedar, which is commonly used because it helps prevent decay. I decided to use a lemonwood shaft so that the cart would be special; and so I created my large lemonwood cart. I made a large padlock and attached it. At least nobody could steal anything from inside of it. I felt very secure leaving Refugio to seek my pelt. I would simply pack up everything that would fit in the cart, and then I could leave it. But a pelt hunt would be another day. I was drained from all the work I had done. I slept by the forge that night. It was sweet to be sure!

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