Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 11 - A Grueling Decision

Day 11 brought a realization that sent shivers down my spine. I had awakened to find that my locked large cart had been moved - yes moved! I immediately checked for tracks on the floor but found none. I raced through the cave to check for disturbances. Two rock shards lay scattered next to the iron. They were 1.0 quality which told me that the intruder was likely a new player. Someone had been there! I was thankful that my cart had not been stolen, but I was mad - no scared! No, both! The lock only protected the items inside the cart, but it would not prevent someone from dragging the cart away from me. And what of Refugio? Someone could come up and make a door, effectively blocking me from my home! My adventure did not require deeding a homestead; that was not an option for me. I thought, I have to lug this cart around or else I have to make a 1x1 house and lock it just to keep the cart safe. I lit the forge and just thought...

I did not want to spend the time to make a shack because it would delay me from my goals. I did not want to have to drag my cart around with me because it would limit my mobility. I started this journey to see if I could start with (almost) nothing and see how long it would take me to obtain a list of supplies and gear that I felt would be challenging, fun, and memorable. I thought long and hard and came to a grueling decision.

I contacted my sponsors and requested that an experienced Stone Mason come to Refugio and create for me small stone walls around the entrance to the cave. I also requested that he make an iron fence, lock it, and create a copper key for me. This would protect Refugio much better and allow me to safely journey abroad without fear of losing precious accomplishments. It would not prevent someone from tunneling into Refugio from another entrance on the rock face, but I did not feel that reinforcing the walls was necessary at that point. My only other option would have been to create a small building, but it would not protect Refugio from someone coming up and putting a door on it - effectively capturing my home. This decision was a difficult one for me. I feared that the recent increase in activity in and around my cave would eventually present potential issues that would threaten my adventure.

My sponsors made quick work putting up the new "security system" for Refugio. I now had a copper key that had to be kept on my person at all times. The original key was placed in a safe location elsewhere in the event that I lost the copper copy. Feeling much safer, I set my attention back to my goals.

I had some items that needed attention or else they would decay. My calf hide would not last long in my large cart. I had heard that the old-timers knew how to wrap items using wood scraps. I took a scrap of wood and wrapped the hide into a giftbox. I named the box "calf hide". The hide would be safe inside the giftbox and would not decay. I then placed it into the cart. Some items, like meals, could not be wrapped, but this was a safe way to store my precious calf hide.

I spent the rest of the day inside Refugio. I had water and food, and I had so much to make and sort out. It was the first night I actually slept knowing all my work would be safe. I was almost ready to go hunting for a pelt!


Kinslayer said...

Im loving this blog, a truly great read. I wonder, however, if you truly thought this decision through? You could have quite easily made the low stone walls yourself, and a one room shed as your gatehouse, and it wouldnt have taken you that long, and you would have remained without the help of outsiders. Just my 2 cents. I shall read on ;)

Surviverman said...

Well, actually the slopes of the cave entrance were much too steep for my skills. I would not have been able to secure the cave. Also, I was not skilled enough to create a door. That's why I needed the help. Hey, thanks for reading along!

DoubleDigger said...

Another option could have been to weigh down the cart sufficiently so that new players would have a hard time dragging it. A large cart loaded with 100 dirt could only be dragged by a 1-2 year old character with sufficient body strength.

RoseDragon said...

If I am you, I won't 'contact the sponsor' since this would mean cheating for me. Can or can't, this means you have asked a help.. The flint and steel part is understandable although can be acquired through luring mobs to guard tower (Does it against the rule?). This one, I would decide to either put weight into the cart or smelt many many irons and travel with the cart as my home. A forge is not realy needed, a campfire can suit the need of smelting low ql irons :) .