Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 13 - Hammering Out My Existence

I woke to a pitch-black Refugio. The wind was blowing and I could hear an owl hooting in the distance. Was this still my 12th day or did I sleep all day long? I could not really tell. Many will agree that the nights in Wurm feel longer than the days. I was quite sore from my unforgettable cat fight but anxious to give my new pelt another assignment. I lit the forge. Assignment! Yes, I had an assignment - goals for my adventure, and quite a bit to check off on this (I called it) day 13.

There comes a time in every Wurmian's mind when a make-shift cave starts to feel like home. Even though I knew my time was limited for this adventure, I kept finding myself reasoning out where I would put things and how I could expand Refugio to give me more elbow room. There were a few giddy moments which I am too manly to reveal, but needless to say, I loved Refugio and thought I might want to secure it for myself at some future time. To suffice my cravings, I decided I would open a few more tiles in the near future to make room for storage space.

With the pelt, I continued crafting a shovel I had started a few days prior. As I was polishing the (real) shovel, the thought of completing a hammer came to mind. How was I going to make a hammer if I needed a hammer to complete a hammer? When the shovel completed after just a single polish attempt, the answer came to me. I would need to make hammers until I could complete one without having the hammer action requirement. It took many attempts as my forge filled with unfinished hammers needing a hammer. But eventually, it happened this way...

  • I crafted a hammer head which was completed on the first try.
  • I combined it with a shaft and created an unfinished hammer that required tempering with water.
  • I tempered the unfinished hammer and it required sharpening, though I had no idea why.
  • I sharpened the unfinished hammer and it required tempering again.
  • I tempered the unfinished hammer and it was successfully completed.
The hammer opened up a whole host of smithing opportunities. Before the day was gone I had made a frying pan, a file, and a needle. A butchering knife became the headache of day 13. Each failure consumed 1.1k of precious iron ore and I failed many, many times! Perhaps my hunger and nutrition levels were affecting my success rate, I thought. I stopped smithing and went outside to gather some vegetables. I had a frying pan, I may as well have used it. The one piece of cooked cat meat produced two fillets which I fillet with, of all things, the carving knife. I made 4 casseroles and my first meal on Wurm. The meal was scrumptuous to say the least! While they cooked I made lye out of water and ashes. Once I had eaten, somehow the butchering knife was not as important as a full belly and a good night's sleep. And so I slept.

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