Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 14 - Let There Be Light

Day 14 of my adventure yielded more items; some more important than others. I had slipped into everyday life on Wurm, crafting what I needed and balancing my food needs with my duties as a smith, miner, and carpenter. I added several new items to my inventory, including an all-important lantern! I finally had light at night to replace the one that mysteriously used to surround me when I started this journey.

As I stepped out to get some tar for my lantern, I noticed there had been some work done near Refugio - walls and fences added by the locals. Since my home was behind one of the fence gates, my sponsors must have visited me during the night and left a key to it. I found it in the forge. My goals for day 14 included making farming implements. The rake was absolutely horrific to make due to constant failures attaching the shaft to the rake head. But this was off-set by a first-success on the sickle, which had only a 14% chance of success! Sometimes the success estimates in Wurm seem ridiculously in error. My goal was to take advantage of the added security of the surrounding fence lines and flatten me some crop tiles. But that would be another day.

I made the decision to make chain armor for my armor set requirement. I had lots of iron and felt comfortable in my smithing role. However, this decision would come at a cost. I would need to build my armorsmithing skills to 20 (the maximum I was allowed as a non-premium player) in order to have the option to make the chain jacket. I could have chosen cloth armor, but that would have required cotton - lots of cotton. For time considerations, I felt it would take me less time to make the chain set than the cloth set.

I decided to make some chains and see what kind of percentages I had for some of the easier items. They were all less than 15% but at least the chains did not turn to scrap when I attempted to make items. I made my first boot on my second attempt, but I realized this would be a time-sink project to complete everything as I needed tons of chains. However, it was exciting to think of having some protection, even if the quality would be low. I felt good about my decision.

I felt strangely tired by the end of the smithing work and decided to turn in early. The next day would be a busy one, I thought. I slept comfortably. Another day and night in Refugio.

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