Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 15 - Damage Control

On day 15 I woke with a determination to plant my first crops. I left Refugio and found a few tiles that appeared to be close to flat. I commenced to dropping a tree, digging, and getting the ground just right for the few precious seeds I had foraged.

When I opened my inventory I was taken back by a horrific site. My lantern was at 90 percent damage! Being only 1 quality and keeping it lit as I worked the evening before had really affected the condition of the lantern. Since light was critical to me, I decided I needed to improve it as high as I could and then I needed to watch the damage closely so it did not disintegrate on me unexpectedly. I also decided to snuff it during the day to lower the damage it received overall.

Damage control is always something important in Wurm. This makes the repair skill very important as well. Let me explain. When an item needs to be repaired, the quality of the item is reduced as the condition of the item is returned to a non-damaged state. The higher a person's skill in repairing, the less quality is lost from repairing damage.

Once I had flattened my first tile, I had a decision to make. Which seeds should I plant first? After careful consideration, I decided to plant the pumpkin seed because pumpkins are the heaviest crops. Using them to make meals would increase the weight of the completed meals - making more food. The second tile I flattened would receive my oat grain. My only deciding factor was the decay of it. It was at 90% and I knew it would not likely survive another day in my inventory.

And so I planted my first two crop tiles! I was so excited. Turning, I looked up the mountain and lo and behold, another young mountain lion. I held up the pelt I worked so hard for, winked at it, and returned to the cave. I had more important things to do. Grabbing some of the logs I had just chopped up, I walked up the ramp to Refugio and saw something that made my heart jump out of my chest. There, to the left of the mountain lion was a lurking goblin! I almost dropped the logs. They are mean, strong, and gang up on players. To be sure, I was no match for him! I needed to be careful to always check where he was when I exited. He was not called lurking for nothing!

Item decay is a concern especially with new players because they create lower quality items which decay faster than higher quality items. I was not on a deed and therfore decay was compounded further. I decided that it was expedient for me to attempt a bulk storage bin and a bulk food bin. Even though they were not requirements for my adventure, they would allow me to store items without worrying about losing them to the high decay rates I was suffering from. For example, I could smelt a lot of iron ore and store the lumps in the bulk bin for my smithing sessions. An important feature of the bins is that they average the quality of items stored. If I stored 2 logs of 1 quality and 10 quality respectively, I would have two 5 quality logs in the bin.

Making the bulk storage bin was a long and arduous task. By the time I had completed it, positioned it where I wanted, and placed the items that could be stored in it, I was pretty much set for the day. The food bin would come later. With crops in the ground and items in decay-free storage, I drifted off to sleep.

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