Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 16 - Living and Learning

My 16th day dawned with so much that I wanted to do swirling in my head. My bulk bin was complete and I was just eager to fill it. Like a hoarder, I wanted all kinds of materials, supplies, and goods. Making the bin took most of my log supply, so that became my first goal of the morning. I started to exit Refugio and then remembered the lurking goblin I had seen the night before. Where was he? Cautiously I opened the gate and turned my head up towards the cliffs to see if I could get a fix on his position. He must have moved up higher on the rock face because he was gone and I did not see him anywhere near my new crops or the cave entrance.

Another creature had moved in the night. The mountain lion was closer to me and directly above the cave entrance but far enough away that he did not see me. My impulse was to repeat my last cat fight scenario, but I decided I really did not have a need for meat until I could build the food bin. So I let him remain scouting above while I plundered some trees below.

Dropping a tree was a routine task for me by day 16; I hardly even thought about the work. When I had 5-6 new logs I transported them inside and placed them into the bulk bin. Removing 10 scrap wood, I combined them so I could make some kindling and store them into the bin. It was during this task that I learned something new. I usually made kindling with my carving knife, but this method yielded a lot of failures. I decided, almost on a half-thought, to switch to my saw. I then continued making kindling but at a much higher success rate than my carving knife. I remember thinking, "Hum, that's interesting." Just as I had tucked away that thought, another one came to me. I distinctly remembered placing two whole tar into the bin, but there was just one remaining. I sawed on scraps and thought and thought. I knew the quality of items averaged when placed inside the bin. I also knew that partial items (not of full weight) would round to the nearest whole item. But the weights of items in the bin seemed inaccurate. I wasn't so much worried about the weights as I was the quantities. I decided to tuck this thought away as well. I would watch the bin for occurrences and frequencies of Bin Loss, that phenomenon that occurs with bins whereby they lose some of their item quantites - the game creator's choice of fairness given that the items no longer suffered decay.

Placing items in the bin made me realize I really needed to move it to some place other than in front of the lead vein. It was a convenient spot, very next to the forge, but things were looking a bit cramped and I knew the bin graphic would add more boxes and bags to the pile as more items were added. In other words, it would grow and take up more space - something of a premium in my beloved Refugio. I decided the time had come to open a tile next to the lead vein. I would then push the bulk bin over to that spot and create a food bin beside it. Later I would make an oven and place it opposite that tile and next to the forge. This would take days to accomplish but I felt it was worth it.

I mined out the tile in 49 actions and pushed the bin, ever so little, towards the new living space. During a pushing action, I glanced over to check the status of the burning forge. As a result, my push moved the bin closer to the forge. This was because I was facing the forge at the very moment my action completed. The direction one faces at the end of the push or pull will be the direction the item will move. I would remember that and also how strange it was that moving the bin did not cause me to spend any stamina. It was just as well. I gained no body strength either!

By the time I had opened the tile and moved the bin, I experienced another fast. I remember wondering how many I would be allowed to experience before dropping dead of starvation. But I was comforted by the fact that I had no intentions of finding out. Hopefully, a food bin would be constructed to store crops by the time they were ready for harvesting.

After mining some iron and tending to a few base chores, I was tired and decided to call it a day. I knew I could not check off anything from my adventure checklist on day 16, but I felt I laid some great groundwork in preparations for the future. And that is how I spent another wonderful and productive day on Wurm!

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