Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 - Part 1 - Foraging, Failures, and Fasting, Oh My!

Day two of my adventure found me laying in a bed of grass by the shoreline. I awoke to find a lingonberry and a nettle decayed in my pocket and so I discarded them. It was really foolish of me to sleep without taking care of the more perishable items from the previous day. Looking over the items I had left, I decided to immediately create some healing covers (HC) out of some nettles and rosemary. Not only did I need the covers for future mending, the HC's have little to no decay qualities. Another day in my pocket and the nettles and rosemary would have been useless anyway. My choice to blend these two items proved successful and I added another HC to my inventory. With nettles being a power of 3 and rosemary a 4 out of a possible 5 potency, this second healing cover will be more successful at tending my future wounds. I created one more with my remaining nettle and some sage, bringing my total to 3 important medical items.

Standing to my feet from where I had slept the night before I turned to take in my surroundings. It was then that I noticed only a few feet away was a spider lair! Now the spiders in Wurm are nothing to be compared with planet Earth. They are huge, almost man-sized hunters, and they could easily kill a weak adventurer such as myself. I wasn't too worried about them because I knew they could not swim and I was close to the shoreline. I could jump in, swim down the beach, and come out to safety. But I needed to be extremely aware of the surrounding area as I continued my search for another precious birch branch. The spiders had made their lair out of birchwood, so I was confident I would find a branch for my much-needed shovel.

I knew it! Searching up against that spider lair, I found another branch. Since there is always a danger of a spider spawning near the lair, I decided to continue for a few more minutes to see if I could obtain another branch, but then move on. I eventually did find a second as I cought the sounds of a blacksmith plying his trade somewhere in the distance. Looking up from the grass tiles I noticed it was getting dark. I must have slept longer than I had thought.

My pace quickened as I realized I was getting very hungry. I had not eaten in two days and my stomach was quickly approaching a fasting condition. All the while I was making my way closer to the clay I had seen on the shore. The clay would provide me a jar for water and a bowl for some hot food!

A clap of thunder averted me from my plan to obtain a third branch. It started to rain and I decided it was about time to get to the shore and see about making the shovel. As I whittled away on one of the branches, I successfully created a shaft from which I could attach the shovel blade. But I noticed I only had a 28% chance of success. As it happened, the flimsy shaft broke and I was left with nothing - no shovel blade and no shaft! Letting out a sign of frustration, I checked to see if I had enough rock to create another blade. I did, but I only had one branch left. Eventually, another blade; another shaft; another attempt at making the shovel; and another failure! Survival in Wurm is sometimes harsh and can feel totally unfair. With the rain pouring down and my stomach feeling tight, I fasted in the darkeness along the shore - no shovel, no containers, no food, and no fire. No food? Well, I did have several berries and some herbs. I could have eaten them by themselves, but they provide extremely low nutrition and do not really fill the stomach. But if I could combine them into a casserole, that would sustain me nicely! At that point, I was willing to hold out for the better food.

All of the foraging and botanizing I was doing to obtain my supplies increased my skill in these areas. Skills are the measure of the man in Wurm! Every tick on every skill is important with some being more important than others. I noticed also that flat grass tiles tended to be picked clean of items more frequently than sloped ones. Something else was increasing all that time - my inventory count. When it reached 99 I had a decision to make. Lacking containers, I had to discard something to make room for the branches. Since lingonberry was the most abundant item I found, I dropped my supply of 22. My search for branches and my attempts to make that precious shovel were both long chores. I even abandoned botanizing the tiles I found. The branches were just too important to me and I wanted to waste no time. After many attempts, that blessed shovel finally appeared in my inventory! Oh, I could have kissed it! The most important tool for me in my moment of dispair had finally been produced!

Thinking nothing of my own safety, I dashed down the hill I had been combing, bruising my right hand as I braced against a downward slide. I didn't care though. Bruises heal on their own. I just wanted to use that shovel to get some clay and get on with my adventure. I imagined I felt like some poor hungry and lost soul finally making it to a source of food. It was invigorating to say the least. I swam part way to the little clay spot that protruded from the water near the shore. I lovingly gripped my new shovel - on to the clay!

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