Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 - Sticks and Stones

On my third day I determined to collect more branches in order to begin making some very necessary tools for myself. Of course, I needed another shovel, but there were other tools I could make with my limited resources. I rummaged a few rock shards and constructed a batch of 5 shovel blades against the enevitable failures I would experience during the day. But my first few branches were used to create mallet heads so that I could construct a mallet as well. This would require a shaft, which provided enough wood for 5 heads minus failures, and also another unused shaft for attaching the handle. As you can imagine, there were as many failures in creating the mallet on that day as their were with my original shovel the day before. But by then, I was growing accustomed to failure as a means of success and a part of life in Wurm.

When I finally created the mallet, I was actually amazed that I had done it. The mallet is something I would need to create other tools with. It was as important to me as the shovel. That was next on my list, and so I continued foraging for more branches.

The casseroles I had eaten the day before did little to satisfy my hunger. Rather than fasting I tried to just keep my belly full with the many berries and herbs I was foraging and botanizing. While my nutrition dropped to a woeful 12 percent, at least I was not losing fat layers. I also reasoned that a full stomach might just contribute to more successful crafting efforts.

As I foraged and botanized (yes, I finally decided to start botanizing again), my mind wandered to thoughts of "better." It is inevitable in Wurm that one seeks to obtain "better." Then I thought that perhaps if I rummaged for better iron and better rock, I might make a better knife upon which I could have better success! This short diversion in thought and action yeilded another knife with a little better quality. I would use the better and keep the other two for spares.

Night fell on day 3 with not much to speak of my day's work. But, my belly was quite full, I had a new tool, the mallet, and two more knives. I decided to get a good night's sleep and start first thing in the morning. Life was still good.

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