Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 7 - An Extended Stay Begins

Awaking from my bed of peat, I decided to act upon my impulses from the evening before and find a place to make my own. I remembered the ledge where I had spent some time earlier in my journey. Foraging and botanizing as I went, I eventually returned to that place. It was wooded with gently rolling hills and there were many cliff rock tiles. This was important because if I was going to create a cave home for myself, I didn't want to make it in just any cleft in the rock. I wanted there to be resources available nearby. By using my pickaxe I could prospect the rock face to see if I could detect any resources. What I needed was iron. To my wonderful surprise, I prospected iron and lead (useful for boat anchors) nearby. I was standing on the very ledge I had been at before. What a coincidence! It was decided then - I would make my home here.

The tile I decided to tunnel into looked more like the shape of a diamond than a cave entrance. If more of the rock face had been exposed and I had enough skill, I could have mined the top corners of the tile to make them more level before tunneling into the rock. The floor corners would likely be more level once I opened the face of the rock. But I was in a survival situation and being "pretty" was not an option at that point. I decided to begin tunneling and hoped the opening would be negotiable.

After only a few tunneling actions, I understood that the rock was too hard at the location to mine an entrance. Initially I was aggravated, but then a thought came to me. Perhaps this exact tile is a resource tile. If this were true, I knew exactly where either the iron or the lead vein was located. This was exciting! But then I needed to find another place to open my new home that was close enough to the ground for me to enter. I did not yet have enough digging skill to do much terraforming.

At about 45 mining actions, I noticed that I would soon create an entrance. It was dark and beginning to rain when I finally broke through. The cave wasn't very deep; I would need to mine more, but I was happy to be out of the rain. I decided to go ahead and mine a second tile and then a third. I would turn towards the ore tile once I had made myself a sufficient place to walk around. Mid way through my second interior tile, something plopped off of the wall onto the ground. It was a diamond! It was only 1.0 quality, but I didn't care. I picked it up and placed it into my inventory. Gems were fairly rare. Into the night I mined my little cave.

I grew very hungry and when my nutrition reached about 8 percent, I was simply too weak to mine. Soon I fasted though and was able to complete the next tile. I decided to sleep in my new cave that night. I felt safe and very comfortable.

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