Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 9 - Light, Lead, and Limitations

When I woke up on day 9 of my journey, I immediately set about to mine the next tile. I had 3 water jars, but 2 were empty. After I had mined about half way through, I decided to get some foraged food and replenish my water supply. I stepped outside the cave and was met with an eerie darkness. What! What happened to that aura of light that had surrounded me since my first day? It was gone...

This added another variable to my survival equation. I would have to create a light source if I planned to travel at night. The darkness in Wurm was really dark. Actually, a shaft dipped in tar with a bit of moss would do nicely to make a torch, but for one important thing: I needed the steel and flint to light it! No, I would not do it!!!

I needed to forage and I needed water. Since I was somewhat familiar with the area and had not seen any wild animals, I decided to light a camp fire near the cave entrance and take the chance of venturing out a bit for my needs. First, I had to drop another tree for fire wood. Once the fire was lit I clutched my short sword and entered the blackness of the night. I returned with blueberries, onions, and some herbs. I made a few casseroles, ate, and then headed back out to get water. The casseroles were increasing in quality but not as fast as my exertion against my nutrition. In short, I was not eating as fast as I was burning energy. It looked like I would either fast again or I would have to spend more time foraging. My mining efforts were more important to me so I decided to spend another fat later and fast. I needed to start thinking about more than foraged food. As soon as my iron was secured, I would make some tools and begin farming some crops!

I reached the tile where I would turn left down towards the iron. As that tile opened, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise, the lead tile! Here is where I found it.


My next 3 tiles needed to slope downward, so I continued working my way towards the iron I so desperately needed. As I mined I studied a dilemma I knew I was facing. Once the iron was found, I could make everything - the forge, oven, storage bins, a cart - pretty much everything I needed for my challenge. But there was one critical thing I lacked. I could not light the forge, light the oven, or even light a lantern without a flint and steel. Both would be nearly impossible for me to create. I could create large wood piles to generate the charcoal I needed for steel, but they required a steel and flint to light them. I could also obtain charcoal from a lava spider. But, I would never be able to kill one with such low fighting skills and no armor. So I could not get steel. Flint could be obtained by mining, but it was very, very, very rare. I did not have time to mine for it. I could also get flint from a lava fiend. But again, I would never be able to kill one. And so, I realized I would be unable to create a flint and steel as a non-premium character limited to 20.0 skill. The whole thought saddened me greatly. I had created everything in my inventory. I was advancing to my goal - but for that most important thing: the steel and flint. If only I could rummage for steel and flint. How marvelous it would be!

And so I succumbed to the inevitable decision to take my pristine steel and flint and put it to use as I required it. I also succumbed to another fast. I mined until I had finally opened to the iron vein. Stepping out of the cave for a breath of fresh air, I realized I had mined all the night. The morning was thick with fog. I was tired but my goals were now within reach. Retreating from the fog, I laid down for a rest in the Refugio.


Hordern said...

I tend not to bother with light full stop, and just work in the dark. I find it easy enough when I know the area.

As for the mining - why so far round? If you needed to go down, surely you could have mined in, down, flat, down-left, down, flat, down-left, flat and finish either flat-left or down-left again?

Greatly enjoying the writing style and story though :)

Surviverman said...


My reason for choosing such an indirect path to the iron had more to do with creating a space to live as it did reaching the iron. Fortunately, my chosen path also exposed the lead, and at the perfect place for the forge as well. Finally, I knew if I took a less direct route, my mining skill would be where I needed it to be once I reached the iron. Thanks for the comment and patronage.