Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 20 - An Unfortunate Decision, An Epic Battle

Day 20 dawned with much frustration from the lack of botanized cotton.  Relentless search had been made for untold hours as I attempted to acquire that precious resource.  Even though I was alone, I was able to pick up the kingdom chatter as I worked towards my goals for the adventure.  But I had stalled on this one objective.  And I soon realized I was not alone.  There were many new players mentioning the difficulties of locating cotton by way of botanizing tiles.  It seemed that noone was having any success at it.  My sponsors must have been listening to the complaints as well because they contacted me by special courier on this particular morning to see if I had obtained cotton or not.  When I told them of my difficulties, they concluded that the game mechanic for cotton spawning through botanizing was hindering my goals and unnecessarily extending the adventure.  It was unfortunate, but everyone agreed that a supply of cotton should be delivered to Refugio in order to facilitate some momentum towards my remaining goals.  I reluctantly surrendered to this decision.  The cotton arrived - 3kg of precious white 72 quality cotton.  I was overjoyed to see it, but my smile turned to a smirk as my sponsor's courier crushed it in front of my eyes and handed me the seeds.  I was told I had to plant it myself!  We laughed and I turned to get my rake.

Leaving Refugio to tend to my crops I turned to see an ominous site.  A young black wolf was standing in the grass midst a few pine trees.  I had a gate to hide behind, so I decided to engage him in hopes of gaining more meat for my food bin and maybe some fat for more salve.  I lured him close to my safety gate and commenced the battle.  Round one ended with both of us wounded.  When I reached 30% health I backed away and closed the gate between us.  I had seven healing covers but no means to bandage my wounds.  I treated the worst of my wounds with four of the healing covers and entered the fight once more, still wounded.  As we labored in round two, some of my wounds healed causing my health to raise as healing took place, but lower as I took fresh hits.  When I again reached around 30% health, I backed away once more to my safety zone.  Utilizing the remaining healing covers, I treated more wounds and returned for round three.  I experienced the same back and forth, healing and getting wounded, until my health dropped to a dangerous 28% from a paw to my right foot.  Something wasn't right.  I was stunned, unable to move, and screaming.  Desperately clinging to life, I was able to eventually back away towards the safety of the gate.  When the gate swung shut I reached for my healing covers.  They were gone!  Looking at my foot I saw a grievous site.  I had a medium wound.  Oh no, I thought!  Mediums do not heal!  In fact, they bleed and get worse!

Forgetting about my foe, I limped back to Refugio.  Fumbling through my supplies, I sought for materials in the food bin to create more healing covers.  I did not have much time.  Reaching for rosemary and lovage, both 4 out of 5 potency, I tried to combine them to make a cover.  My first attempt failed!  My second failed, then my third.  With those ingredients consumed in the attempts, I raced to see what else I could use.  Garlic and nettles were spent trying to make two more covers - both failures.  I then reached for sassafras and nettles.  My supplies were dwindling as I propped myself against the food bin, my foot throbbing from the pain.  The last attempt worked but I had only one chance to stop the bleeding.  I watched as my medium wound was tended.  Exhausted, I stood in shock as I took in my situation. From the joys of cotton to the jaws of a beast - all in a few moments of time.  Such was life in the wilderness of Wurm.

The battle with the beast increased my defensive fighting skill by one whole point - not unusual for low skills.  I made up my mind to make a long sword as soon as I could to improve my fighting ability.  I rested for a little bit and peeked outside Refugio to see where my foe had gone.  My health had returned to 80%, but as I glanced at the fierce wolf, I noticed his health had returned as well.  He was walking away from me and I reckoned my need for fresh healing covers and supplies outweighed my need for another round with the vehement wolf.  I turned and entered again into my Refugio with lessons learned from battles fought.

My cotton would need to wait on the wemp then growing in my fields outside.  I could expand my little farm more, but I had so much to do I would not be idle as the wemp grew on.  The three cotton would be planted, but only two at one time.  I would not risk something happening to all three.  Feeling tired from the fight and needing rest to fully recover, I turned in for the night.  Never was my gated home more appreciated than on that day, for the beast still lurked outside and he knew my scent very well.  I drifted off rehearsing the ballad of blows I gave and received from my greatest foe to date.  Remembering how I had once wanted to fight such a beast, I was thankful my purpose was foiled back then.  Surely, I would have died.

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