Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 23 - A Man and a Sword

I awoke to day 23 thinking about the fish stored in my small barrel inside the large cart.  I had a few things I wanted to do during the day and a meal would provide me with the energy to do my best.  I lit the forge right away and headed outside to my farming ritual.  Another cotton was ready for harvesting as well as a pumpkin.  Pumpkins are great crops because they weigh 1.0kg and can be used to add bulk to meals.  After planting another cotton seed and pumpkin seed, I returned to my forge and then to my iron source.  I wanted to make a long sword and I needed the very best iron I could mine.

Mining provided several lumps of 16 quality ore.  I placed them inside the forge to smelt into lumps while I worked to make the meal.  Pulling a catfish from the barrel, I placed it inside my lone frying pan along with some parsely and a potato from the food bin.  Within a minute I had a wonderful meal!  I then started my longsword attempt.

Creating the blade was not too difficult.  Since the willow logs were my highest quality wood, I created a shaft and then a handle for the sword.  I cringed as I noticed a measely 15% chance to attach the sword to the handle.  I knew right then, the day would be as long as the blade I was holding.  However, miraculously the sword was created on my first attempt!  I was absolutely elated.  Holding my meal in one hand and my sword in the other, I shouted a victory shout which echoed in the cave.

I needed to get my skill up with the longsword before I would take it into battle with me.  The old timers told of a method that allowed skill gain without actually fighting a creature.  I went outside and found a stout tree.  Placing the longsword in my right hand, I selected it and then used it to start chopping on the tree.  Each time I finished my chopping action, I repaired the 1.0q longsword and rejoiced in the skill I was gaining with each attempt.  In no time, my skill with the longsword surpassed my skill with the short one.  Also, I noticed my woodcutting skill was increasing as well.  By the time the old pine fell to the ground, I had gained 4.45 skill with the longsword.  The old timers knew what they were talking about!

I returned to the forge and started improving my iron needle.  I knew that needle quality would have an impact on the success rate for creating the leather armor I hoped to make.  With a good needle and my new longsword, I was confident I could go hunting for deer and get more leather for my armor set.  Day 23 ended with a much improved needle, a leftover meal in the forge and a new longsword on my side.  I was very anxious to get my armor and planned to do some hunting as soon as I could.  I wondered how much longer it would be before my journey would come to and end.

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