Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 25 - A Bow and Arrow

Having accomplished several adventure objectives on the previous day, I determined to see how much I could get done on day 25.  I tended to my crops first and then lit the forge.  Since I had not made my bow and arrow, I set about to do that.

Taking my carving knife and using it on a willow log, I chose the short bow.  It was the only bow option for me because I had not yet attempted to make a bow.  The old timers said I could start to make a short bow, but then stop working on it before the action was complete.  This would trigger an opening up of the other bow types.  I wanted to see what my chances were at making any of the bows, so that is what I decided to do.  My odds were not very good on any of them.  My chance for success on the short bow was only 44%, while the bow and long bow were rated 24%.  I was not planning to actually use the bow for anything so I decided to stick with the short bow.  My second attempt was successful.  In order to finish the bow it had to be strung.  To make the bow string, I grabbed my rope tool and removed a wemp fiber from the bulk bin.  I successfully created the bow string on my first attempt and decided to string the bow right then.  I then added it to my cart for safekeeping.

The arrow I needed would require a bit more work.  I made a hunting arrow head using my small anvil and a glowing iron lump.  I left it in the forge and made a meal with one of the cooked meat I had stored in my food bin.  When the meal was ready, I placed it in my inventory until it was cool enough to eat.  While I waited, I pondered about the arrow. 

Willow is the best for bows and fishing poles, but not for arrows.  Even though I did not plan on hunting with the arrow, I wanted to make one as if I were going to use it.  In Wurm, there are two kinds of arrows and two wood types to choose from for gaining some material affects.  The war arrow is good for battle as it produces more damage but with less accuracy.  The hunting arrow is more accurate but gives less damage.  Arrows made with maple wood tend to take less damage.  Such arrows are excellent for gaining skill with the bow.  However, arrows made of cedar can be improved quicker.  I liked the choices provided.  I chose to make a hunting arrow out of maple wood.  All I had to do was find a maple tree!  I left Refugio for just that purpose.

I left Refugio and noticed dozens of cedar trees!  But I just had to have a maple, I thought to myself.  If I had wanted cedar, it would have seemed that maple was to be found everywhere.  Eventually, I found an old maple tree and harvested a log from the felled tree.  It didn't seem right to just leave the felled tree there just to make a single arrow.  I decided to tote some logs back to Refugio for fuel.

Upon my return I made several hunting arrow heads and several shafts.  After failing a few times, I finally created my hunting arrow and placed it next to my bow in the large cart.  The remaining arrow shafts fueled my forge.  If I had wanted to skill up in archery, I could have kept them and shot them at an archery target to gain skill.  But that would not be happening in this adventure.  I was happy that two more adventure objectives had been completed.  I decided to call it a day. 

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