Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 27 - The 2-2-2 Adventure Continued...

I woke up from my night on the side of the road with the inevitable message that I had lost the mushrooms to decay.  I expected this and planned to offer my screen shots as proof of my discovery.  What I should have done was use them to make healing covers.  But the "should" never happened.

Gone are my mushrooms!
I was in a strange place.  I heard hammering in the distance and the sound of someone's forge, oven, campfire, or other source of crackling flame.  It surely wasn't my campfire.  That had died in the night.  Taking my bearing, I headed north to unknown places beyond in search of creatures. Occasionally, I would stop to forage and botanize grass tiles for food.  It would not be long before another meal or casserole would be necessary to sustain me on my 2-2-2 adventure.

I was extremely careful to follow the highway and not venture far from the roads.  As I walked along, I also tracked my progress on the wiki community map of Freedom.  I could not risk getting lost and then killed.  If that happened, I would lose literally days of work should I not be able to find my body.  When a toon dies, the crafted tools remain on the body until found and retrieved or until the body decays.  Beginner tools (the ones I left at my sponsor's deed when I started) do remain with the toon upon re-spawning and not on the toon's corpse.  However, I didn't have those tools, I had Surviverman tools - those I had crafted.  I proceeded with caution and finally spotted something in the road.

A unicorn spawn in the road.
It was a unicorn rustle - a spawn for unicorns.  Those majestic creatures are deadly to new players if they are attacked but docile otherwise.  I did not need to fear them.  However, further along that winding road, I spotted another spawn that I needed to take heed to.

A goblin spawn.
It was a goblin hut.  Goblins are perhaps a little more dangerous than wolves if for no other reason, because when you attack one any others in the area will rush to help!  I had no interest in goblin blood and quickly moved on scanning in all directions.  I felt as if my journey was getting more dangerous by the minute.

On occasion, the weary traveler in Wurm will happen upon small buildings and fenced tiles along the road.  These are created and maintained by kindhearted Wurmians so that adventurers can quickly escape from danger.

One of many unlocked player-made safe houses.
I found one near the goblin spawn and decided to turn north, using it as a landmark to keep my bearings.  Soon I spotted a tower guard, which gave me some sense of protection until I remembered that I was not allowed to cry out to them for help.  Oh well, I thought, at least he was there and I was not alone.

A Freedom tower guard NPC.
Heading down a sloped road, I ventured into a nice water-front village.

A water-front village.
There were several boats docked and I noticed the settlement token was accessible.  This was a fantastic find.  I could examine the top of the token to get my bearing north.  Plus, by examining the token I could learn what village I was in and then place myself on the wiki map.  By these means I came to know I was at the village of Port Akhenaten.

The compass on top of a settlement token.

I filled my water containers and decided to do some fishing.  The winds of the day had been replaced with the sounds of crickets and frogs.  Night was falling fast and I needed to eat again.  With food, water, and a fix on my location, it was the perfect spot to settle in for the night.  Fortunately for me, the village mayor allowed fishing from the nice pier they had constructed - well it was a road that jetted out into the water - a pier as good as any.  No words can quite describe fishing on a pier with night falling over the land of Wurm.  It is a feeling unlike anything that can be experienced anywhere.  I felt so safe and free.  No, I had not found a single creature to take home, but I was happy nonetheless.

Fishing on the lake.
A fishing spot with a great view!

I fished for quite a long time and secured enough meat for a few tasty meals.  I turned to head back to the road and noticed a lava fiend has been caged nearby.  Feeling bold, I approached it to see one up close and in complete safety!  He was an ugly cuss and gave off a glow from his burning body - a free light source, I thought, for the one who trapped him.

A captured lava fiend.

I left and headed along the shore to find a suitable spot for another campfire to cook my food.  I wondered if the highway continued along the coast.  Following a coastal road would keep me from getting lost.  I checked the map and realized the roads mostly followed along the coast, and so I planned to venture further north.  I happened upon an abandoned deed with decaying structures of various types.

A decaying food bin.

I examined a grass tile and noticed I was not within the perimeter of any village.  This means I could cut down a tree and make a camp fire.

My campfire and meal on night two of the 2-2-2 adventure.

As I sat by the campfire waiting for my fish and onion meal to cook, I thought about finding creatures and getting them back to Refugio.  Once I found a horse, a cow, or a bull, I would have to either walk all the way back home or build a fenced tile.  I could tame an animal and have it log off with me, but I could only tame a single animal.  These were my logistical challenges.

I thought it not wise to travel at night, especially in an area I was not familiar with.  I decided to turn in and take up my journey in the morning.  I fell asleep looking out across the water to the Dragon Fang and listening to the night sounds and the crackling of my campfire.  It was totally serene!

The mighty Dragon Fang mountain at night.

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