Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 29 - A Near Death Experience

I awoke from a restful sleep but a little sore from my long journey.  I needed to do some hunting for the fur I needed and I still had not gathered enough leather to make my armor set.  I decided to take a little venture from Refugio and see what I could find.

There was a path against the entrance to Refugio that led towards the coast and I decided I would make my way down to where I had killed deer several days before.  On the way there was an abandoned mine and so I peeked inside to see what I could see.

A bear in a cave.

Back in the corner of the mine was a young black bear!  The old timers say that black bears are more dangerous than brown bears, but brown bears can swim and therefore are harder to evade.  But I wasn't thinking about which bear.  I stood there for a moment checking my gear and my defensive fighting skill.  More than once I contemplated attacking the young bear.  Could I actually win?  I remembered how the entrance to the cave slanted downwards.  I could lead the bear to the entrance and standing on the entrance, I would be up above him.  Perhaps that would give me the edge I needed?  After a few more pondering thoughts,  I eventually decided against it.  I didn't think I was strong enough to kill him and I didn't want to die - not when I was so close to completing my adventure. I left him to his cave.

I had seen a well placed on the other side of an unlocked gate and I decided to take my fill of some refreshing water.  Just as I had gulped my last amount of water, my attack window opened and almost choked me.  Did the bear see me and follow me?

Attack during a break.
I backed up and swung around.  It was a wolf!  He was on the other side of the wall and I could not see him.  This was excellent, I thought!  I had fought his kind several times.  I was ready for him and I was eager for fur.  This wolf was mine, I thought!

A wolf at the watering hole!
I calculated my attack plan carefully.  He was behind the wall so I knew he could not get to me.  That gave me the same scenario I had with the Nemesis wolf.  I figured I could step through the gate, climb up a little and do some fighting, then descend and step out onto the road to heal - if I needed to.  After all, my fighting was better and I had a better weapon now.  This would be short and sweet, I thought as I stepped through the gate, swung around, and ascended backwards up the hill.  I turned to face the wolf and was immediately hit with massive wounds.  Woah! I thought.  Wait a minute!  This was not right!  And then I realized what I was facing.

A second wolf was hiding behind the first.  It was an ambush!  I delayed as I tried to take in what was happening and what I had to do.  They were both mauling me pretty hard, at least that is how it seemed.  I couldn't count my screams.  I tried to back away and step down, but I was going so slow!  Why couldn't I move?  I then realized I had been stunned by their blows.  When I recovered, I moved slowly and then realized I was still in climbing mode!  With my health reaching critical, I quickly released my climb and fell down.  I wasn't sure if I landed any blows or not, but they had sure done a number on me and pretty quickly too.  As I reached the gate, again I was hit with volleys of wolf claws.  I screamed two or three more times as the gate swung shut.

A Near Death Experience
I was severely injured - almost dead in fact!  My eyes were filled with blood and I could barely look at myself.  I opened my inventory to look at my mangled body.  I needed to see if I had received any medium or greater wounds.  If I had just one, I knew I would be dead within a few minutes.  I had left Refugio only a short while earlier, ready for anything and wishing for something.  And within a few mere moments, my life was hanging in the balance.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized I had not sustained any life-threatening wounds.  However, I was down under 10% health.  I had to get to safety and rest.  If I received any more injuries, I would have surely died.  I had to get back to Refugio!  Slowly I hobbled down the road, my stamina virtually non-existent.  I looked up once at the sky and pondered how long it would take me to recover from this fierce double-wolf attack.  I then thought that Nemesis' clan had paid me back well.  They were just waiting for the right moment.  All love for Nemesis left me on that day.  We were even!

The walk home.
My vision was pulsating between having a large clear hole in front of me and having a smaller hazy one.  When I reached the ramp to Refugio, I could barely see.  But eventually, I hobbled to the top and stood at the gate.

Refugio's gate through wounded eyes.
As I approached the gate and entered it, I felt strange, almost like I had died and was staring into blackness.  It was almost the same look one has when dying in Wurm, only without the notice and spawn pop-up window.

Entering Refugio not death.
Wounded and weary but utterly thankful that I hadn't died, I collapsed inside Refugio next to my forge and rested.  There was nothing more that I could do on that dreadful day but rest and heal.  Life is seldom easy in Wurm.  It is a life of survival.

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