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Episode 3: Four Men and a Fat Pig

Episode 3: Four Men and a Fat Pig

I woke with renewed vigor and determination to get as much accomplished on the boat as I could.  I knew that I needed pegs and I could craft those from shafts which would come from a single log.  I removed a log from the bulk storage bin and proceeded down to the water to begin constructing.  I took note of my food bar and thought that after 30 or 40 pegs had been attached I could do some more foraging for herbs, vegetables, and meat to make more casseroles.

Standing by the shore with the sounds of ducks, the wind, and the water ripples hitting the beach was very relaxing.  I whittled away on the log producing a shaft and then worked the shaft to produce the 10 pegs it would yield.  It was almost as if I had forgotten my mission and even myself midst the serenity of the morning.  While gazing contently on the lake and taking in all this beauty, my eyes instantly became aware of something on the horizon.  It was just a faint white spec at first, but then became larger until my eyes widened at the knowledge that a sailboat was headed right for me!

Instantly my survival skills kicked in and I watched 1...2...3...then 4 names popped up in local.  Just about the same time, a second boat  appeared to the left of the first.  I hurriedly sent personal tell messages to each person so that I could determine if they were friend or foe.  I knew that simply being able to communicate with them meant they were in my kingdom and therefore not raiders.

To my relief I was able to contact all of them and soon learned they were from a local village and had come to "my" village to dig clay.  Though the serenity of my morning had been disturbed, I was pleased to see others from ******* and welcomed them to shore.  After brief introductions, I returned to my efforts while they began digging the clay nearby.  I smiled as I watched them work, appreciating the friendships they obviously shared.  It was then that I happened to glance over my left shoulder to see a champion black wolf stepping down the mountain as if it were a small hill.  He was a good distance off, and with others around I had no fear of the beast, at least none I was willing to share with the others.  I reasoned he would keep his distance as long as I stood still and worked on my boat - which I did.

When the two boats had been filled with clay, the four men boarded them and proceeded back from whence they came.  I waved and sent them on their way.  It was about that time that I noticed my food bar getting pretty low.  I did not want to fast again because my nutrition was improving from the casseroles I had been eating and I wanted to build my fat layers for the trip that would soon be upon me.  I decided to stop at 40 pegs and, dropping the log from my inventory, I headed towards an open field to begin foraging again.  As I worked the grass, collecting vegetables and herbs I noticed a rather frumpy and old pig standing several tiles ahead of me.  My mouth instantly watered.  I had not had some good ham in ages, I thought.  I stared at my crude sword and shield, both starter items, and thought poor pig didn't stand a chance.  I sneaked up behind him slowly, thinking about the spit I was going to make when I obtained his carcass.  I raised my blade and cast it down upon his back.  He grunted and turned to face me.  I wondered if my sword was even sharp!

I started swinging, poking, and slicing with all my might.  We exchanged blows for what seemed like a ridiculous amount of time!  Every pig squeal was immediately followed by a very unmanly ugh from me.  I was actually quite embarrassed by my performance.  Surely this pig is not going to kill me, I thought!  Well, I refused to let it.  I backed away and am ashamed to say I ran from him.  He did not give chase and I like to think it was because I bloodied him too much for him to do so.  But in reality, he wasn't bleeding nearly as much as I was.  I reached in my backpack and pulled some salve that I had made and began treating my bruises.  This is utterly ridiculous, I thought!  I was shaking so bad from the fight that the salve was getting smeared on as much good flesh as bad.  But eventually, I tended my wounds sufficiently to feel confidence again.  I gripped my sword, gave out a ferocious yell and ran to finish my foe.  It was about this time that he bit down on my right side and gave me a medium wound which stunned me.  On and on the battle went until finally he fell with a final resounding squeal.  I dropped to my knees and propped myself with my blade.

I was a bloody mess!  Down to 25 percent health and suffering from a medium wound, I asked myself how did all this happen?  My goals for the day did not including getting my backside torn off by a stupid, grumpy old, fat pig!  I glanced around to make sure nobody saw this ridiculous spectacle and was thankful that I was alone.  How embarrassing it would have been for the 4 men to have seen this fight!  I pulled my hatchet and began working on my dead foe.  All my effort produced only a single piece of meat - hardly worth it, I thought.

I needed to get back to foraging while my wounds healed, and it was at that moment I remembered the medium wound!  I checked my backpack for a healing cover I had remembered making several days earlier.  It was there, but I only had one!  Staring at a pathetic first aid skill and an equally pathetic attempt at a healing cover, I wondered if it would stick at all.  I applied it and hoped it would stop the blood running out of my side.  To my great wonder, it did!  All I could do was take it easy, stay out of trouble, and forage until my wounds healed.

Night came sooner than I had expected.  I returned to the cave and threw my sword down on the cave floor.  I wasn't sure I had the time or skill to craft a longsword, but I sure wasn't going to take that pop-sickle stick to battle again.  From now on, I thought, I would leave the killing to the guards.  I also made up my mind that Eyesgood and Theophilus really did not need to know about the pig fight.  After making and eating a few casseroles, I laid down for much needed rest.  Perhaps tomorrow would be a more profitable day!  I slept and dreamed of champion pigs.

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