Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 5: Humility Yields a Rope

Episode 5:  Humility Yields a Rope

The next morning I rehearsed in my mind what I had left to do.  Everything needed for the boat was readily available.  I had all the wood I needed.  I also had several lead veins nearby from which to make the mooring anchor.  Everything I needed, except one...  a mooring rope!  I had picked up wemp seeds from a recent foraging effort, but with my almost non-existent farming skill, there was no way I was going to be able to grow my own wemp in sufficient quantity and quality to make one for the boat the boat.  Besides, I could hear Eyesgood asking, "What's taking you so long?"  What would he think of me if I replied, "Oh, nothing, I'm just waiting for this here wemp to grow so I can make a mooring rope to finish the boat."  Needless to say, he would never ask me to rescue him again, to be sure!

No, I had to acquire a mooring rope in a more timely fashion.  And nothing is more timely than breaking down and just begging for one in kingdom chat.  And so I did, literally begging that someone would please, please help me finish my boat by making a mooring rope for a poor destitute (well, more poor than destitute) "surviver."  The plea went out with an echo as kingdom chat fell silent...  Oh boy, there goes my reputation, I thought.  I felt so cheap begging for help, but hey, lives were at stake and sometimes you have to do what you don't like doing.  "What man likes to beg?" I thought.

Not long after, a personal tell came to me from a kind-hearted philanthropist willing to make me the rope.  All I had to do was get there to pick it up.  Receiving general directions I checked my map and realized the kind giver was not too far from the spawn deed.  The decision was an obvious one - I needed to /suicide in order to gain the rope!  Now suicide in Wurm is nothing like real life.  It allows you to respawn back at the starter deed (or your home) in the event you are lost, dying, trying to lead Surviverman to your deed, or other noble causes.  The only consequence is you lose some skill - and in my case it was a .25 point loss in fighting skills.  I guess you probably know how much that hurt me.

I stripped myself of everything and hid the keys to my poorly locked storage containers.  I then typed that  dreadful /command.  Instantly, I was dead with the option to return to *******.  I chose my destination and upon landing back at the starter deed, I asked for more particular directions.  Heading east, I made my way to a wonderful Wurmian who provided me not only with a rope, but one in sufficient quantity to add it to the boat AND make my mooring anchor!  I bowed humbly and accepted the priceless gift.  It was the single most important item I had on the island.  No matter what, I could not lose that rope!  All I had to do was make it back alive!

I chose my path wisely, walking slowly and maintaining constant guard for any dangers from the wild.  I was as light and fast as possible.  I hoped that speed could overcome my pathetic frame.  Only the rope draped around my neck weighed me down.  The warm breezes and quaint sounds of fishing docks makes one's mind wander.  I had thought as I made my way back, how utterly ridiculous I would have looked if the changes to character models had been implemented already.  How much clothing would I have had given that I literally had nothing on but the rope.  Surely the art team would grant me some skivvy's at least!  Carrying that rope would have made me look like a naked thief plotting a climb over some poor souls house or walls!  How would I explain that to the neighbors?

Returning to my story, I had to climb a mountain to get back home and it took me the better part of an hour to do so.  Eventually, I scaled down from above the village and proceeded to the water to add the rope to my boat.  What was left would be for the anchor.  I knew that adding the rope would immediately place my boat in danger of being stolen.  No, I wasn't worried about someone picking it up for it was far too heavy by then.  I was rather concerned about someone finishing my efforts and gaining control of it that way.  Since the rope was the hardest piece to acquire for most, adding it made completing the boat rather easy.

I set about to add more items to the  boat, but I did not complete it.  I still needed to create the mooring anchor and attach a lock as well as add a dozen or so hull planks and tenons.  Fortunately for me, the lock was already taken care of.  I found a very good quality lock on the same day that I arrived at the village.  That was the third most important item to me on the island.  The boat was now first, the remaining rope second, and then the lock.

Leaving the unfinished boat on the shore was a painful decision, but I needed rest and just had to surrender my boat to the will of every passer-by.  I returned to the cave I called home and dreamed of becoming a sailor.

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