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Episode 3: On to the Landing

Episode 3:  On to the Landing

The crossing to Chaos was fairly uneventful.  One moment I was looking behind me, watching the coastline of Deliverance get smaller and smaller, until suddenly, it was gone.  Turning around, I gazed upon the wilderness coastline of Chaos.  It was beautiful, wild, and ominous.  I decided to head north along the coast.  I had no real agenda for this adventure except for a single goal.  I wanted to circumnavigate the entire continent.  My travels might lead me inland, I thought, but only momentarily.

I had only a compass in my inventory.  I knew I needed tools and food.  My plan was to visit every deserted settlement along the coast that felt safe to investigate.  I constantly scanned the coast line for hostile creatures both in and out of the water.  I kept my rowboat several tiles off the shore to make sure a brown bear, alligator, or other swimming creature would not be alerted to my presence.

My first stop was a cave close to the water.  Caves can be extremely dangerous, and so I faced the rowboat  northward before I set the anchor so I can quickly raise anchor and leave without having to navigate the bow of the boat.  I then disembarked and waded the three tiles to shore.  I approached the cave entrance carefully, checking my surroundings and scanning the interior hall of the cave, I peeked in.  Inside, I found two boats, a large cart, a small cart, two dead horses, and the carcass of a bison!  I smiled and thought, "And Theo tried to get me to go to Celebration to see a bison!"  I found two body parts on the bison and secured them for the chance of making healing covers later.  I exited the cave and continued northward.

I next docked near a kingdom tower.  I loved stopping at guard towers.  First, I didn't have to fear any creatures, since I could shout in local, "help" and they would immediately attack whatever tried to attack me. Second, non-aggro creatures could also be killed by targeting them and summoning the guards.  However, I would need a knife to butcher the carcass.  There was a another cave near this tower and as it happened, someone had left a rock shard at the entrance.  It was 90 percent damaged, but it would do.  All I needed to make crude tools was a rummaged iron rock.  That, along with the shard would allow me to make a crude knife.

I foraged some while watching two huge spiders who were perched many tiles above me on the hill.  My first two foraging efforts yielded branches!  This was just excellent because once I had the knife, I could make a shaft and a shovel blade for a shovel.

Leaving this second spot, I continued northward.  Suddenly, a name appeared in my local.  I had already determined in my mind that I would ask as friendly as possible in hopes that no one would find me worthy of death.  Fortunately, the person waved at me first, and so I returned the wave and continued on my way.  Further along, I came upon yet another tower, only this one was situated on a flat piece of ground that jetted out into the water.  There was an oven and large barrel nearby and a three lane road that proceeded west into the continent.  It was safe, flat, and perfect for foraging.  I found several rock facings where I was able to rummage iron rock.   I placed it in the boat and walked the westward road inland for a few dozen tiles.  I felt no real fear of doing this because of the tower guards and the flat area around the tower.

As I poked around the remains of what used to be a village, I found a small anvil in the grass.  I was excited to find one, even though it was utterly useless to me at that point in time.  I turned towards the boat and suddenly noticed three names in local.  I froze.  I then turned 360 degrees to see if I could locate them.  Peering through the trees, I caught glimpse of a white sail as it scrolled past the tower.  Three locals in a single sailboat were making their way south past my rowboat and the tower.  I waited behind a tree until they were gone.  They could have been friendly or deadly - I couldn't take a chance of them seeing me.

Once I returned to my boat, I worked with the iron rock, rock shard, and branches, eventually fashioning myself 3 crude knives and two shovels.  Also, foraging the area produced some herbs, berries, an onion, and  other necessities.  I was beginning to feel very well supplied.  But I lacked food and a means to cook.  Further investigation into a mine close by provided me with wood scraps and a single piece of kindling.  All I needed was clay!  I entered my rowboat and proceeded northward still.

it wasn't very long before I reached a landmark in Chaos, The Landing!  It was a grand place, the starter deed for Jen Kellon.  I moored my boat and looked around.  There were fifty spirit guards mingling about along with several tower guards!  What a sight it was to behold Chota statues and creatures that surrounded a huge portal in the middle of the deed.  I had never seen them before.  After much time spent walking around, I noticed on a hill a pile of items.  My decision to check that pile cannot be understated.  Reaching the pile, I looked inside and found to my amazement, a shovel, a rake, a hatchet, a saw, a pickaxe, a carving knife, and a steel and flint!  I leaped with joy at my find!  No longer did I need those crude tools!  On my way back to the boat I found a pristine wooden shield.  Equipping the shield on my left arm and the hatchet in my right hand made me feel stronger.  I decided to stay the night within the comfort and safety of the Landing.  With practically everything handed to me within a few short hours of being in this dangerous land, I felt that it was certainly the start of a wonderful journey!  As I lay in my boat that night, I could only imagine what the land would open to me on the morrow.  Truly it was an ancient and enchanted land with untold treasures awaiting anyone willing to search them out.  I wanted to be counted among that number!

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