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Episode 4: Adventure, Labor, and Chivalry

Episode 4:  Adventure, Labor, and Chivalry

The Landing

I woke to a beautiful morning, with Spirit Templars mingling about me watching for trouble and making my sleep all the more sweet.  A thought came to me to check the map to see if there were any grand deeds nearby that I could visit while I was in the area.  Kyara was the obvious choice.  It was also an easy walk given that there had been signs placed nearby.

My trip there was easy and relaxing.  I found a few dead animals, including a bison!  I decided to take the 50's quality hide back with me to Deliverance.  There are no Bison there.  I also made 5-6 healing covers from the body parts of several butchered animals.  I also collected some nice high-quality meat.  I could use some food.  I had not eaten since leaving, but I wanted to use the meat in a meal rather than eating it raw.  Eating raw meat will fill the belly but it drains nutrition something fierce.

Kyara was nothing like I expected.  It was breathtaking!  I had never seen such a well fortified deed.  The walls were tall and there was no visible entrance on any side.  Obviously, there was some secret mine entrance that led to the inner parts of this massive deed.  It was easy to measure.  There were guard towers at each corner of the deed.  This meant the four walls had to be at least 50 tiles wide.  It was so amazing, I decided to snapshot them so I could show Eyesgood and Theophilus.  Here are the photos I took.

Kyara on Chaos
Another view of Kyara

I spent about 20 minutes just looking around and absorbing the view of this mammoth deed.  As evening approached, I headed back to the Landing.  My stomach was aching as I realized I was approaching day three with no food.  I decided the Landing was an ideal spot to get some vital tools and equipment made for my journey.

I found a cave with a forge and iron nearby.  It was slightly off the Landing deed but close enough to yell for the guards if I needed them.  I went to the boat, pulled some tools, kindling and scrap wood and returned.    The pick axe and steel and flint I had acquired was just so appreciated as I popped some iron and placed it inside the forge.  I lit the fire and went outside to fell a tree so I could have logs to keep it lit.  First, I needed a large anvil.  Without it I could not make a frying pan to make meals.  I had to make a frying pan.  I couldn't find any clay.  My first attempt at the large anvil produced an unfinished one.  Great!  I thought.  I had no means to finish it. I had no file, no pelt, no bucket for water to temper.  I was blessed with some great tools, but not the ones I needed at the moment.  The tools could be made - I was certain of that.  But what about the pelt?  Then a thought came to me.  I took a log and from it crafted a spindle.  It was only 3 quality, but I guessed that it would do just nicely for my plan.

Leaving the cave, I headed down to the center of the Landing.  Near a large portal was a small building.  Situated on the opposite side of a window was a trader.  Hoping against all hope, I opened the trade window and scanned the left column for a pelt.  It didn't have to be high quality.  In fact, I hoped it wouldn't be.  Making my way down the list, I spotted two!  Expanding the list, 1 of them was 20 quality.  The cost:  11 iron.  Dropping the spindle, I only hoped it was enough to barter with.  It was!  In fact, the trader gave me the pelt and about 30 iron to spare!  Imagine that!  I came to Chaos with nothing but a compass and now I am jingling change in my pocket.  It was just amazing!

I returned to the cave and the iron that had converted to lumps by then.  Combining them, I made several important tools, including a hammer, a file, and a lantern!  I was really excited about the lantern because I had been mining in total darkness.  I only needed tar to fill it.  I also made a frying pan and a bucket, which allowed me to have water so that I could fashion a longsword.  The sword wasn't really needed, but in the wilderness, it makes you feel better to have a weapon, even if your skill is meager at best.  I took my lone onion and several meat and placed it in the pan.  As soon as the meal was created, I took it out of the forge so I could eat it immediately.  You never really appreciate food until you have gone a few days without it.  Wow, it tasted so good.  I filled my bucket with water and my belly as well.

I spent most of the night making tools, eating, resting, and eating more.  The sun was setting when I peered out of the cave the last time.  I returned, loaded up myself with as much as I could take and made my way down to the boat.  my stay at the landing was completely refreshing.  I had acquired just about everything I needed.

Raising my anchor, I turned the boat westward and started on my way.  A few tiles away was a rowboat I had not noticed the day before.  By habit, I examined it and what I saw almost made me flip out of my boat. I anchored quickly and studied this temptation before me.

The boat was locked and moored.  However, there was an option in the examine menu that had thrown me for a loop.  It read, Manage Settings.  Woah!  I clicked on it and I immediately had the option to allow everyone to command, everyone to board, everyone to look inside.  Once I changed the settings, I had access to the cargo hold.  I opened to a treasure trove of supplies.  Swords, veggies, iron ore, tools, armor, and even tar!  Oh, my.  I sat and stared at the list.  Some items were high quality, but others low.  Most were in low stages of decay.  However, the lock on the boat was of very good quality.  What was I to make of a boat locked with a good lock but with Manage Settings set to everyone.  It was ludicrous!   Was this a new player that didn't know any better?  Was it a skillful trap?  Was it someone who intentionally left it that way and quit?

The dilemma lasted for only a few seconds.  Greed gave way to reason and dignity.  I changed the settings once again, only this time checking friend or village on every setting.  I then closed the window and my decision was complete.  I couldn't take anything from it.  I remembered how I felt in my adventure when I "borrowed" an anchor that I coudn't return.  I wasn't about to repeat that mistake.  I reasoned it was the misfortune of an unskilled player which had left that setting so. It felt good to correct the innocent mistake.  My moral decisions at the rowboat burned what daylight I had left.  I decided to sleep once again in my rowboat next to the other one.  It had been a day of adventure, labor, and chivalry.  I slept comfortably until dawn.

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