Adventure #1

Welcome to The Adventures of Surviverman in Wurm Online!  For those of you who are not familiar with Wurm Online, it is an inde MMORPG currently being developed and maintained by a Swede named Rolf Jansson, of OneTooFree AB.  The game is quite a unique sandbox MMO due to the fact that the client is written in Java.  Almost all of the items in the game are crafted by the players.  The economy is player-driven and character progression is open and skill-based.  Players can play for free for as long as they wish, but with a skill-cap of 20 for "non-premium" accounts.  For those that wish to take their characters to their full potential, a monthly fee of 5 Euro will lift the skill-cap and allow players to grind their way to 100.  Players with determination and dedication can create items to sell to other players and generate in-game coins.  Those coins can then be used to pay for the monthly subscription, essentially making the game free.

After two years of playing Wurm, I have finally reached the point where I believe I can say I have been successful.  I now have two premium characters:  one a regular crafting character and the other a priest.  I own and co-own almost 7000 tiles of land in the Freedom Isles (a non-pvp server).  My merchants provide me with plenty of silver coin to pay for my characters, my deeded village, and all my wants.  The game is now completely free to play for me.  As I sit back and consider all that I have had the joy of doing, an interesting proposition entered my mind - and thus this journey has begun.

Being ever so skilled in wilderness survival, I wondered how I would fare if I created a brand new character and placed him out in the wilderness with absolutely no provisions, not even the beginner tools.  Those familiar with Wurm know that there is really only one tool that I MUST take with me and that is the steel and flint.  This is because a beginner character cannot easily create steel.  I have decided that I will take my new player-issued one BUT I will try not to use it unless absolutely necessary.  We shall see if I need it or not.  Could such an ill-prepared player survive?  More importantly, could he become self-sufficient?  There was only one way to find out.  Enter Surviverman!

For those who are screaming at me to spell Survivorman correctly, bear with me.  That character name was taken and so I was forced to change the "O" to an "E" - SurvivErman.  I hope Les Stroud doesn't mind!

This challenge I have prepared for myself cannot be satisfying for me unless I place Surviverman under a few strict but important rules and with some pretty daunting goals.  They are as follows:


* Surviverman cannot pick up or use any item created by any other player in the game, even items found on the ground and abandoned.  This also includes utilizing structures (houses, forges, ovens, etc.) and existing mines and ore deposits.
* Surviverman cannot accept any assistance from any other player.  This includes boat rides, free horses, cattle, weapons, armor, etc.
* If Surviverman dies, he cannot request assistance from any priests to locate his body or his equipment.
* Surviverman must return having accomplished every goal.


* Return from the wilderness having solely obtained and/or crafted the following items:
- A large cart pulled by either two horses, two bulls, two cows, or any combination of the three
Updated:  Free players can no longer ride large carts.  Therefore, Surviverman will make the large cart and present the animals rather than ride it.
- 1 each of barley, corn, potato, pumpkin, oat, rye, wheat, garlic, onion, cotton, wemp, blueberry, lingonberry, strawberry, acorn, hazelnut
- 2 different mushrooms of any color
- 1 loaf of bread of any variety
- 1 frying pan
- A complete set of armor of any kind
- A large barrel
- A small barrel
- A small bucket
- A pottery jar containing any liquid other than water
- Two one-handed weapons of any variety except utility tools
- A complete first-aid kit to include a tooth, farmers salve, 10 cloth bandages, 1 cotton, and 10 healing covers
- 2 ropes
- 1 block of cheese
- 1 fur from any creature
- 1 pelt from any creature
- 1 hide from any creature
- 1 willow bow, stringed
- 1 arrow
- 1 willow fishing pole
- 1 functioning lantern, lit
- 1 lump of any ore other than iron

I feel this list provides enough challenge to make this whole effort worthwhile.  This blog will be my journal in the wildernesses of the Freedom Isles as I take Surviverman from zero skills to pioneer success!  I will try to record every tactical decision, every success, and every grueling failure in hopes that this will inspire other Wurmians to take their experience to the next level.  And for those who may happen upon this blog and wonder what this is all about, I invite you to give Wurm Online a try!

From here on out I will assume the persona of Surviverman.  I hope you enjoy my adventure!

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