Adventure #2

Surviverman is back with a brand new adventure!  His first adventure was simply a test of survival with no help from others and no tools!  Though the adventure was ended prematurely, the 29 episodes will surely be appreciated by any newcomers to Wurm Online, the MMO being blogged about here.

What could possibly top surviving alone in Wurm Online with no ability to ask for help?  Well, how about a mission to save his friends!  Surviverman's new assignment will test his survival skills on a different map and in an Epic way.  This new adventure will take Surviverman, the completely skill-wiped Epic cluster version of him, into a realm where PVE (player verses environment) is only half the danger.  The Epic cluster of Wurm is entirely kingdom PVP (player verses player) as well.  His task list is very small, but the mission is very bold!

Mission:  Infiltrate and Recover.

Surviverman has been asked to rescue his comrades, Eyesgood and Theophilus.  They are both stranded on the Elevation (central PVP) island and need to be rescued and returned to their home island where they can grind their skills in a less hostile environment.  In order to complete this dangerous mission, Surviverman must not only survive, he must gain the skills needed to construct a small boat and plan his infiltration into the war-zone that is the Elevation island, flag his friends, and pick them up without being killed himself and jeopardizing all of their lives.  Can he do it?  Will he succeed?  Will Eyesgood and Theophilus be able to stay hidden until help arrives? Click here to begin reading in this next Surviverman Adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Man all I can say is that you are awesome. I enjoys each and every one of your writing. The new version of this is a great opportunity for me to meet it again.